Saving Nora

Saving Nora

Saving Nora

With so many animals in need, it can at times feel like we're powerless to make a significant difference.  But, today is your day you can make a difference, a difference of momentous proportions. 

Nora, a senior bloodhound came into the care of Ontario Bloodhound Rescue, after suffering for years (yes years!) with a very painful, shoulder condition that was never addressed by her previous owner.  Nora was placed on multiple pain medications while under the care of Dr. Libby until she could be evaluated and booked for surgery with the orthopedic specialist.  Her pain level was so high, the medications were barely effective, so we can only imagine the torment she endured with no treatment at all.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers today for Nora, as she headed into the operating room at MedVet in Columbus, Ohio with an orthopedic surgeon to address her painful shoulder, that had left her living her days in constant pain.  


It was unknown whether Nora's leg could be saved or not, but the good news is the orthopedic surgeon was able to perform an arthroscopic  procedure, where they used a tendon from one of the nearby muscles to support her joint, saving her leg. For baseball fans, it's similar to the "Tommy John surgery" for baseball players. Nora's surgeon has indicated, that because of the extent of the damage  and the methods needed to mend things, Nora's recovery will require  stricter postoperative activity restrictions. But the good news is Nora is expected to make a complete recovery and live the remainder of her life healthy, happy and pain free.


Nora's expenses to date are $2,900.00 USD.  A small price to pay to give the gift of a pain free life for a sweet, senior bloodhound. With your donation today, you will join the village that stepped up and made a difference.  A difference that spared Nora one more day of pain.  A difference that will enable Nora to finally live all her days comfortably.  A difference that makes Nora's future adoption possible. A difference that will help to place Nora into a home that truly loves and cherishes her.  Truly, a gift of life for Nora.

No donation is too small.  Together we are the difference.


Ontario Bloodhound Rescue would like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Libby (and staff) of Creature's Comfort (Carrol, Ohio) and MedVet (Columbus, Ohio) for taking such good care of Nora and to Kathie, who will opening her heart and home, fostering Nora through her recovery.


Donations can be made in any of the following ways:

1. Cheque made payable to Ontario Bloodhound Rescue and mailed to:
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Nora's update

Nora vet

We are happy to report that Nora is recuperating nicely.  Dr. Libby is keeping her comfortable and Nora is taking it easy while her shoulder continues to heal.  Nora will have weeks of recovery ahead of her, but she's feeling the relief already from the pain she's endured these past few years.  

Nora's relief from pain, and hope for a family that will love and care for her, would not be possible without the kindness and generosity of people just like you.  Thank you to all that donated already.  If you have not yet donated, a donation would greatly be appreciated to help off-set the substantial costs of saving Nora.  When the final invoice came in, the expenses we're an extra $600 above the estimate and total $3500.  In numbers we can make a donation is too small.


Ontario Bloodhound Rescue has 2 seniors waiting in the wings for rescue.  Please help us be able to take on the financial responsibility of 2 more lives to be saved, by donating to Saving Nora today.